Day 2 in Rwanda

September 17th was a Sunday and our second day in Kigali. We attended worship service at Pastor Mihigo’s church, Christian Unity Fellowship. We were introduced as visitors from the US. The service was great and somewhat different from what we were used to at home. There was a lot of singing and translating going on. There was also a part of the service where the youth there performed a dance routine.

The body there exhibited a heart of worship! From the singing to the dancing, the heart behind it all was the glory and worship of Jesus. It was truly evident. We left service and went to a few different places in the city. We bought a few things from a market called the “Nakumatt,” pictured below. We ate lunch there as well.


After this, we rode around to a few more places and ended up having car trouble. Pastor Mihigo had an on-call mechanic. He fixed the truck to where it was driveable, but still needed more work done to it. We made it back to our rooms though. The weekend was one of getting acquainted with the city a little. Day 3 was coming and the mission was on the brink of beginning.


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