To Post or Not to Post?…that IS the question

In our social media-saturated culture, it’s hard to escape the allure of posting. Posts of food. Selfie posts. Posts about negativity. Posts about positivity. Posts about politics. Posts about sports. Post. Post. Post. Is posting too much a thing? Is it harmful? Is it helpful? I don’t have a definite position on this but these are my thoughts.

I post a lot on Twitter and Instagram. I am not a huge Facebook user although I have an account. Usually, when I do post, on Twitter, it is in reference to a Bible passage or quote from a book that I am reading at the time of the post. The quote or verse was either challenging to me and I want to give my thoughts on it or I am posting to possibly encourage a brother or sister in the faith. I also live tweet during sporting events. I am usually tweeting my reactions to plays or calls.

On Instagram, I am usually posting family or The Mosaic or just random pics I take that I think are cool.

When does this become harmful? Why do people post so much? Attention? To receive likes? To be thought of as a “cool” person with a dope IG? I think it’s harmful when it takes away from what is actually right in front me. Propaganda has a spoken word on his album “Excellent” where he talks about his “black wife” aka his iPhone. His wife, who is of Hispanic or Mexican descent, dubbed it that. He was so busy thinking of some “dope” post to put up about this that he was totally ignoring the fact that his wife was actually trying to have a conversation with him. Check it out here: Be Present

I find myself doing this a lot when I’m with my wife. Even when the conversation isn’t that serious, I somehow still seem to be tuned in to my “black wife” posting something on Twitter or IG. She has to remind at times to “put your phone down.” That is the power of social media and tech. It has the ability to suck us into a world of false reality while we are missing out on moments with those closest to us. I have grown, by grace, a ton in this area and am teaching our 14-year old daughter the same things about being so attached to social media.

What are your thoughts about this? As Christians, how should we engage in “post-culture?”  Comment below.



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