11 days in Rwanda

I was approached with the idea of going to Rwanda on mission with my church about 9 months ago. I was heavily interested at first, but as the time to depart drew closer, I became hesitant and nervous. Initially, our team was supposed to be 9 people but had dwindled to 5. I hadn’t gotten the medicine I needed yet. Our flight was scheduled a day after my family and I had just gotten back from evacuating for a hurricane. And lastly, there was a tree on our home due to the hurricane. My wife and I talked and debated the decision. I was stressed about the tree and how quickly things were moving, but I finally decided to go. This is a recap.

I was brought on as the church staff representative charged with caring for the spiritual well-being of the team and also teaching small kids and young adults. Our teaching team was supposed to be three individuals but only two of us were able to make it; Matt Cross and I, pictured here. IMG_1114

To be honest, we were very unprepared, to our shame, but didn’t know what God had planned for this trip. The next few posts will be devoted to documenting our time there.


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