As I was reading through and simultaneously listening to the book of Galatians this morning, I was led to do a Google search. As I listened to the voiceover, I wondered what it would be like to read my bible without digging for chapters and verses. So that’s what I searched; “bible with no chapters and verses.”

Bibliotheca is what I came across.

Originally created in June 2014 by Adam Lewis Greene, Bibliotheca is bible reading the way it what meant to be. The original writings had no chapters, verses or chapter breaks. It was written to be read as one single story. Or in the case of Paul, a single letter to individual churches.

As an avid reader, I wondered “How did I miss this?!”  This has to be one of the best pieces of literature ever created. The fact that Bibliotheca allows me the ability to just read the bible in its natural form without study notes, cross references, chapters and verses is amazing. The version of choice for this project is the American Standard Version because of its closeness to the original manuscript.

Bibliotheca is now available here: Bibliotheca

Thank you, Adam Lewis Greene.

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  1. I took part in the kickstarter and I have to admit, for about a year I wondered if I’d made a big mistake. No updates, nothing from the creator that was actually substantial. But then they started shipping and now I’ve got a set.

    I’m pretty satisfied and I like the whole lack of artificial divisions…

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