Does Colin Kaepernick even WANT to play football anymore?


With all the hype and coverage that this Kaepernick not being picked up by an NFL team situation is getting, one thing is being overlooked. Colin Kaepernick may not even want to play football anymore. Why is this not being mentioned at all?

Journalists, sports writers and commentators are all saying the same things. “This isn’t about football, this guy should be playing on someone’s team, he could easily be a starter somewhere, he needs to cut his hair (man, Mike Vick!), he is disrespecting the troops and opposing America’s values, etc.” Opinions galore.

But what if he doesn’t even want to be apart of the league anymore. Seeing the response that he has received from taking his stand against injustice (which is supposedly an American and human value), why would he want to still be in the NFL? I wouldn’t. What if his passion is to do what he is actually doing now? Being a social justice warrior. Using his celebrity to benefit those who are hurting and discriminated against. Putting his money where his mouth is.

Colin is doing the unpopular thing. The not politically correct thing. In some people’s eyes, he is even doing the wrong thing. I’m no American patriot, but I do love America and the freedom and benefits that I have reaped here. But, I also see the injustices that occur daily here, especially to people of color. I, along with Colin, can’t see that injustice and turn a blind eye to it. Maybe his “silence” is speaking volumes.



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